Michele Brant

Executive Career Coach | Job Search | Career Exploration

I am a Career Coach and Certified Professional Mental Fitness Coach who guides professionals to land their ideal careers and create a fulfilling life. As an executive coach, I work with my clients so they successfully navigate their evolving careers and reach their goals as they excel into new leadership levels.

After working with over 1,000 clients from a wide variety of industries and positions, one thing is certain: it’s never too late to find your fulfilling career.

Navigating your career requires different skills for the various path you’re on.

If you are onboarding a position in your existing career, finding your next big career move, reinventing your career, or bouncing back after a job shift to find something more suitable, you’re in the right place.

Regardless of where you are on your path, I bring my 20+ years of experience to help you specifically with:


Staying up-to-date with cutting-edge strategies is the best way to excel in your career. This is just one way I can help you so you can stay focused on what you do well.

Job Search and Career Exploration

Finding the right job and changing career paths can be stressful and challenging, regardless of the economy. Let me guide you to find what you’re looking for (even if you don’t know what that is yet).

Work-Life Balance & Mental Fitness

As a certified life coach and mindset expert, I not only focus on supporting your career, I’m also focused on making sure you have a life that’s fulfilling and that your mind, body, and spirit are strong.


Finding yourself in your ideal career means stepping into leadership in a whole new level. From supporting you with increased self-awareness, expanding your thinking, and uncovering your potential, I am here to help.

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I’ve helped over 1,000 people in a wide span of industries, titles, and age ranges find the spark and accomplishments in their career.

As a certified life coach and mindset fitness expert, I always bring my commitment to bring a whole-life approach to my work so you can live a balanced and fulfilled life alongside your stand-out career.

To see how we’re a fit to work together, book your session with me here.

Why it Matters:

What’s your number?

{As in the number of hours you have dedicated to your career so far?}


The question that really matters is this:

Is that time paying off? Or do you know it’s time for something else?

If the average 45-year-old has spent 25 years in the workplace, that means they have spent 48,000 hours in the office. And that’s if they only work 40 hours per week and take four weeks off per year.

Compare that to…

The number of places around the world you’ve visited and not just hoped you’ll see one day…

The number of family events you’ve attended and been fully present for…

The number of hours you’ve actually slept well…

Creating a thriving career is more than just chasing the next job or tolerating the one you have. If you’ve been at this long enough, it can easily feel that you’ll have to create a fulfilling life later

…when does later become too late?

It’s never too late when you are willing to CHOOSE to get out of the box. The challenge is that you can’t see what’s possible from inside your current thinking and environment. I help you to see your options and confidently create something different. 

Not making enough money?
Not on the right career trajectory?
Feeling completely drained by your current position?
Or you needed a job yesterday?

As a career coach, with a gift for whole-life wellness integration, I help you identify your meaningful career path and align it with a deeply fulfilling life.

Ready for a change? Schedule your complimentary session with me today. 

What Clients are Saying:

Three job offers in less than two months…

I worked with Michele after a year of unsuccessful job search, 950+ applications, and 57 dead-end interviews. Michele has a very powerful skill set of empathy, expertise, and leadership which guided me to land three job offers in less than two months. Even though she gave me all the credit, I could not have thought of a more perfect career coach. She is equally capable of breakthrough coaching, market research, and continuous training. I highly recommend Michele as a coach because of her method, guidance, and results – and because of her high ethics.
Nick (Dominique) Lacroix

Turnaround | Global Supply Chain | Operations Leadership | Continuous Improvement

I redefined my goals, refocused my efforts, and prioritized my approach…

“Michele is a thoughtful, engaged and masterful coach. She is a great cheerleader, analyst, and strategist. She helped me understand my strengths, focus on areas of interest, and led me through an exploration process that was both eye-opening and strategic. She provided tremendous value and working with her gave me the confidence, knowledge, and skills to pursue new consulting and career opportunities. I highly recommend her as a coach!”

Cheryl Little

Sustainability Analyst | Writer | Strategist

Willingness to go the extra mile…

“Your ability to listen and understand while applying proven coaching tools and techniques has allowed our organization to successfully advance the relational leadership skills of the clients you have worked with us to develop.

You have strong relational and organizational skills that are complemented by your willingness to go the extra mile for the clients, even if it meant that you would need to spend hours; researching databases, etc. to obtain the critical information needed to help the client understand or better utilize the approach or methodology required to successfully achieve the leadership goals established by the client.”

Richard C Blumhagen

President, Sextant BNS, Inc dba Institute for Leadership Development

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