Enhance your skills to become more marketable

I have been talking in-depth to one of my clients about how to make himself more marketable in the job search via enhancing his skills. This also applies to those currently working to ensure you maintain a competitive edge.

The workforce is constantly evolving. According to the World Economic Forum, some of the most sought after jobs today did not exist a decade ago, including in:

  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Healthy Informatics
  • Supply Chain

You can keep your skills relevant, marketable and competitive in several ways.

1. Enlist a mentor or industry buddy

Regularly connecting with a mentor or friend with industry experience gives you a chance to branch out from the workplace and learn new information in a social setting. Being able to ask questions without judgment can be key to building your knowledge and seeing things from another perspective.

2. Build your skills with study

A course can be a great way to refresh the skills you need for your job or learn new skills that can help to advance your career. Online and part-time courses allow you to keep working while you study. Take a look at what options are out there—you could explore courses directly related to your industry, study to help you build soft skills such as leadership or negotiation, or a business or IT course that could apply to a wide range of roles. You can also find professional development courses through vendor-taught classes, traditional universities, and training institutions.

3. Stay in the know

Subscribe to online trade journals, blogs, magazines and other publications for news delivered straight to your inbox. If you’re faced with a lack of time and a cluttered inbox, try getting into the routine of reading through industry emails at the same time each day—whether that’s first thing in the morning, before you end your work day, or during your lunch break.

4. Network Online

It is super important to build and maintain a list of contacts to ensure a steady flow of work throughout your career. Use LinkedIn to connect with high-ranking people at companies you’re interested in working with. Employ social media platforms to promote your own service or brand, network with industry experts, and keep in touch with former and current clients.

Start by finding which social site works best for you—connect with fans and followers on Facebook, creatively network and share news on Twitter, or utilize blogging to boost your online credibility, and connect with potential clients.

If I can be of support to develop your Career Development Plan via keeping your skills current, you can get on my calendar here: www.michelebrant.com/call

I would love your feedback because this really is for you. If you have requests of what you would like to see or want to ask me any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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