Stay calm and never give up while job searching

Being in a Job Search can be frustrating and discouraging at times. I have only had one client to date that enjoyed all aspects of the job search!!!! For the most part, it is not fun. Here are some ideas to try to stay positive until you land that great job.

Limit the amount of time you spend on your job search

There are plenty of things out of your control that are probably contributing to everyday stress: the economy, the job market, and negative news. In the U.S. we are currently in the midst of an election and the whole world is dealing with the Covid-19.

While these issues can’t be ignored, it’s crucial to focus on what you can control in order to ease stress and burnout. When it comes to the job search, while you can’t control how long it will take you to find new work, you can control how much time you give to the process on a daily and weekly basis.

Stick to a consistent schedule and routine based on the amount of time you can devote to your search. Ideally, you want to spend between 1 and 3 hours a day during a typical work week focused on key actions that will optimize your search. Block out a time of day when you’re most productive.

Find something to celebrate each day

Focus on actions you can complete that can give you a sense of accomplishment; such as refining your resume, scheduling a networking meeting, completing an online training course or attending a virtual conference. Make sure you celebrate your accomplishments even if they seem small. You sent a message on LinkedIn to connect with someone in your company. Take time to pump your fist and say “woohoo” or whatever makes you feel good!

Plan something to look forward to every week

Make a commitment to yourself to do something active and creative at least once a week, such as going on a long weekend hike or adding a new plant to your garden. Plan it in advance.

Instead of feeling guilty that you’re taking time away from applying to jobs, remember that prioritizing your well-being will help you feel recharged when you get back to it.

Form a job search accountability team

Find support from people in a similar situation as you. You could form a group of four or so people, whether in your own network or through an online platform, to talk through your experiences job searching.

Sharing your experience can keep you from shouldering the challenge, and burnout, on your own. The positive reinforcement of others in a similar boat can also keep you motivated when constant non-response — or flat-out rejection — can feel like a reflection of your self-worth.

Additionally, such networks can help you power up your job-search process by providing networking opportunities; resume and cover letter help; interview feedback and so on. Regular group check-ins on progress can also keep you accountable to hitting your job-search goals.

Remember that none of this is personal

It’s hard to not take it personally when you don’t hear back from a hiring manager. But each expert reiterates that it’s crucial to try and get out of this mindset. The outcome of your application is dependent on the complex ecosystem of the job market, down to how each organization handles its hiring process. There have been changes recently in light of the pandemic.

Also remember that, if an opportunity outside your normal field presents itself, how you earn an income isn’t a reflection of yourself.

Keep a list of the things you’re good at and display it as a reminder. I am a big user of 3 x 5 cards. If that doesn’t help, reach out to a friend or family member to tell you the strengths that you have. It is good to have a few “cheerleaders” that can be there when you need a pep talk.

Just because you haven’t heard back yet doesn’t mean you’re not qualified, or that you’re never going to find a job, or that you’re no good.

Never give up! You’ve got this!

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