The holiday season is prime job searching time

The holiday season can still be fruitful for job seekers. Oftentimes, job seekers hold the impression that employers suspend their hiring activity from mid-November through New Year’s Day. That is a myth!

The truth is, companies continue to look for talent and hire during the holiday season, but job hunters, too often, quit looking. Job openings continue (if not increase) during November and December, just when many job seekers put their resume and their energy on the shelf for the holiday season. As I write this I have several clients interviewing even though we are still experiencing impacts due to COVID.

Contrary to popular belief there is no statistical proof that there are fewer new job openings in November and December versus other times of the year. In fact, many say it is just the opposite. While holiday parties and vacation schedules slow the hiring process, there is minimal impact on the day to ‐day business operations—and that includes hiring. Hiring isn’t driven by a calendar. It is driven by a need and with today’s internet candidates, and security techniques, the job placement pace remains vibrant dependent on the industry.

In many companies, hiring actually ramps up in December as employers may have money left in their budgeting and want to spend it rather than lose it. Others want their team in place and ready to go come January, so they recruit and hire now. Still, others want to tie up loose ends before the end of the year—and this includes filling open positions.

Also, the year-end is a popular time for people to give notice, retire and move on. Some receive year‐end bonuses and leave right after; still, others want extra time to be with family & friends. The result—more job opportunities for others. Here are five tips for optimizing your holiday season job search:

  1. Don’t take time off from job searching: While schedules and activities may change during the holidays, business and organizational activities still keep going and so should you! The exception to this is if you need rest and rejuvenation time. Take it!
  2. Other job searchers slow down –‐ that means you shouldn’t: People are often more open and have a bit more time to talk. Keep in mind that networking is as much about sharing information about who and what you know as it is about enlisting others to help support your job search.
  3. Stay in touch with your network: The holidays offer an easy yet meaningful way to stay in touch and get the attention of a prospective employer, a recruiter, or an influencer. More than likely, you are sending holiday greetings to friends and family, so with a few appropriate and purposeful tweaks and not much extra work, you can stay in touch while standing out. And while email greetings are becoming the norm, handwritten notes or even a phone call will be valued, and set you apart from other job seekers.
  4. Make yourself flexible, available, and keep in contact: The holidays will create scheduling challenges. People go on vacations and schedules get hectic.
  5. Remember a new year follows the holidays: Recruiters, both internal and external to the organization, want to wrap up and fill job openings before January 1st. Many offers are extended in December. One example that comes to mind is a client that got an offer on December 22! Don’t start the New Year with a blank calendar. Work now to be the first on the hiring manager’s 2021 calendar.

Hopefully, this gives you some specific actions you can take to keep your job search alive through the end of the year. I am taking a sabbatical from 12/7 – 1/3, here are ways I would love to be there for your new year if it would be of benefit to you:

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