Hi! I have been quiet. You may have noticed that although I launched a podcast, there haven’t been any in several months.

One of the primary reasons for my air silence was a cross-country relocation from Charleston, SC to the Denver Metro area.

During the move, I continued working non-stop with the exception of a family vacation that although I am grateful for the time my husband and stepdaughter had together, the timing wasn’t ideal.

Life presented additional challenges over the past several months including:

  • Issues selling the house in Charleston
  • 2 dogs that both developed severe separation anxiety
  • Multiple challenges with the rental house
  • To name just a few!

All of this culminated into burn-out since I stayed ON for so long without taking regular breaks.

It has been a great and humbling learning opportunity for me in many ways including how important career life integration (work-life balance) is. As a work-life balance expert, I should know better, right? Although I have some great routines and rituals in place, I am seeing new areas for improvements.

I’m blessed to have created a career that allows me to rest when I need to yet still take great care of my clients and have fun. I just don’t always act in ways that serve me best. When two friends pointed out that I was saying all the right things but not doing them the light bulb went off. I clearly am still learning and growing. 

Three of the biggest realizations were: 

  • The importance of taking time off when you make a big move or are going through a big transition. Although my clients were #1 priority and were not impacted, my body took a hit trying to be superwoman.
  • Mini respites throughout the day can make a huge difference! I now take several breaks a day to get out in the sunshine, stretch, meditate and breathe….even if it is just for 5 minutes at a time.
  • We need to be able to go with the flow sometimes knowing that “this too shall pass.” Pushing isn’t always the answer. Walking away from a stressful situation can give you a new perspective on how to keep health and wellness a priority. Acceptance and trust that it will all work out are key factors too.

Many people are starting to think about their goals for 2019. I am too. For me, most revolve around ensuring I am making my well-being a priority! 

To that end, I am going to be taking a sabbatical from early December through early January to totally unplug. 

It will be exciting for me to begin the year refreshed, rejuvenated and with new vigor to the podcast, content, and coaching to support individuals in thriving in their lives as I make it a priority to do myself every day! 

What can you do for you that allows you to unplug when you need to? We have so much direct and indirect stress that weighs on us these days. It is wise to periodically check in on the areas of your life to see how things are going. 

Take my Career and Life Wellness Assessment to get some insight into where you may want to make some changes.  

Our Careers are such a big part of life for most of us. If I can be of support, let me know! I would love to have a conversation with you to see if there is a fit. Here is the link to get on my schedule: https://www.michelebrant.com/call

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