All hover effects include a Title text for the overlay in 2 parts: the first half is normal, the second half is bold.  The hover effects also include a Caption text. Title and Caption colors are assignable right within the module!

Image Intense modules work best in 2 or 3 column rows due to the nature of the small amount of text space available in most of them (especially the Title text). Also, images in the same row should have the same aspect ratio (width/height) in order to look best.  Unless of course, you’re wanting to combine effects to implement an overlapping design. The possibilities are endless!

Each module you put into your site will come with the native Divi Builder CSS classes along with all the beautiful custom classes for each hover type.  Customizing each module even further with your own CSS is a breeze! There is no need for you to copy and paste html, add classes or any other information. Out of the box, Image Intense works just by selecting whatever options you want to use, right from within the module editor. It couldn’t be any easier!

But wait, there’s more!  Just as with the native Image module, the Image Intense module allows you to specify links as follows: no link at all, image opens in a lightbox, image opens a URL in the same tab and image opens a URL in a new tab. You can even specify the native Divi Builder animations – left to right, top to bottom, fade in, etc.!

What are you waiting for? Image Intense is sure to set your site apart from all the rest. It’s available for only $25 from Elegant Child Themes or your favorite Divi Marketplace. It’s a multi-use license, meaning, you can install it and use it on as many sites as you’d like!

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