Many of my clients have expressed how daunting it seems to be able to make a Career Transition that they so desperately desire. I often tell them that if I can do it after being in a career for 20 years that wasn’t a fit for me then anyone can do it. Initially, I had no idea where I was going. Once I decided to make a career of coaching, I was clueless regarding establishing and maintaining a business. Through perseverance and the right support along the way, I did it!

Now I have been in a successful second career for 10 years. I love it and it has been one of the greatest achievements of my life.

The following factors kept me going even when it felt impossible:

  • Stay open minded – I explored various avenues including fashion, personal training and physical therapy. When I first started exploring, I had no idea that coaching would be the path I would end up on.
  • Be willing to have lots and lots of conversations – you never know from whom and when you will get the right clue(s) as to what career path will be best for you.
  • Allocate time and money towards your pursuit – I tried to do it all myself bootstrapping my way to barely making it. Once I invested in the right professional resources, I got the clarity I needed and my business started really taking off.
  • Get comfortable with being with the unknown –This was VERY hard for me! To help me with this, I had a great support system to reach out to when I got frustrated and I wrote statements on 3 x 5 cards that could keep me going. For example, one of my go-tos was “I know I am meant to do this work so I am going to keep doing whatever it takes until I am successful.”
  • Use a Vision Statement as a touchstone – It took time for me to craft a vision statement that really spoke to the career and life I wanted. Regularly connecting to my vision statement was a key factor to my success. There is science to back this up.

While career transitions may seem daunting, I haven’t had one client say it wasn’t worth the effort in the end. I can vouch for that!

If I can be of support with determining if a career transition is right for you and what specific actions to take, let me know. I would love to have a conversation with you to see if there is a fit. Here is the link to get on my schedule:

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