I am excited to share this guest post from my colleague Amanda. Although it speaks to introverts, these mindset tips can apply to anyone preparing for an interview.

How Introverts Nail the Job Interview – Mental Preparation to Interview with Confidence
By: Amanda Glover, Rising Introverts

Job interviews can be a truly nerve-wracking experience, especially for introverts who loathe small talk and can feel paralyzed by unexpected questions you aren’t prepared to answer. 

There are several steps to take to prepare for the interview itself but there’s one component that’s rarely addressed.  The mindset you need to have when you walk in the door.  If you are hesitant, lack confidence or aren’t sure what role you are interested in, these uncertainties will become painfully obvious to the interviewer as they learn more about you.

Tips to Help Mentally Prepare Ahead of Each Interview:

Reverse Your Insecurities – If you’ve battled with fears as you apply for jobs and prep for interviews, take a few minutes to be completely honest and write a detailed list of everything that scares you.  Then right across from that fearful statement, write an affirmation as if the reverse were true.  Instead of I am afraid I won’t know the answers – your new statement would read, I’ve done my preparation and I am confident I can deliver strong answers to the questions I am asked.  Even if you don’t feel this way, create this list of positive affirmations.  Read them every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up and your subconscious mind will start to believe them.  This will reverse your negative thinking as you prepare for the interview process.

Prepare and Practice – Think of Olympians.  Don’t they always appear calm and collected before a big race?  What did they do to become that way?  They hired the right coach, set a game plan and worked daily toward their goal.  Their only job on race day is to execute the plan to earn the metal.  Prepare your top 10 interview questions and recite the answers repeatedly.  This way, your answers can be recalled automatically in front of your interviewer.

Visualization – Spend some time while preparing and studying interview questions to close your eyes and envision yourself walking in, wearing your best interview outfit and nailing the interview over and over. Walk yourself through the steps of what typically happens in an interview and see yourself executing every step with ease, whether in front of one interviewer or a panel.  Mentally this will enhance your confidence that you will nail the interview before it’s even scheduled. 

Create a Positive Mental Loop – Instead of worrying that you might bomb the interview, think about how excited you would be to get a job offer from this company at the amount you’re aiming for.  Think of how accomplished you will feel once it’s achieved.  Tap into that energy and excitement to fuel your interview with positivity. Turn anxious phrases into opportunity phrases.  Instead of thinking, I have to get this job which puts pressure on the situation, think I am interviewing to see if this job is right for me. 

Time to Practice – With some preliminary effort to make sure your mind is in the right place, you will be that much stronger walking into an interview for your ideal job.
To download the full guide on How to Nail the Job Interview visit www.risingintroverts.com

Bio: As a journalist at heart, Amanda Glover combines her love for writing and business, to help introverts create compelling resumes and interview stories. As an introvert who found personal acceptance late in life, she founded Rising Introverts to help introverts nail the job interview and generate greater confidence in their everyday lives.

If you have an interview coming up and could use additional support, feel free to schedule a discovery session and we can see if there is a fit for me to work with you. Here is a link to get on my schedule: www.michelebrant.com/call.

I take clients through a comprehensive process to optimize their interviews including knowing how to prepare, doing a mock interview with me and if desired utilizing InterviewFocus*. I am a certified InterviewFocus facilitator.

*InterviewFocus utilizes sophisticated, patented technology to evaluate and provide results and recommendations for your: eye contact, head engagement level, speaking rate, filler word count, smile intensity and time, and happiness emotion during a recorded mock interview. I am a certified InterviewFocus facilitator.


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