I am going to keep this week’s intro short and sweet. I received this wonderful email from a client recently. Keep in mind that prior to this email it took time to get to this point. There were disappointments along the way but, she persevered.


Email from client:

I’m thrilled to share that I accepted an offer at the ABC Company* as their first Director of Communications & Marketing for the Office of Development. I never thought I would land a role that fuses my career and business experience but as the universe would have it, it found me :).    

It’s really been eye opening and a pleasure to work with you. 

I just moved into my dream apartment in Maryland on Sunday and I couldn’t be happier 🙂


*Company name removed for purposes of anonymity.

If I can be of help with getting to the right mindset as well as with the tactical aspects of the job search, I leave you with a couple of options:

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