Blurry, overlapping LinkedIn connection requests

A timely, professional and clear LinkedIn message can go a very long way.

93% of hiring managers use LinkedIn when trying to fill a role.

One thing to keep in mind, when you send a job application, is that there are filters (automated and manual) that can screen out your resume,

It’s not a terrible idea to bypass all those application tracking system filters and go right to the hiring manager.

It shows that you are interested. In fact, you’re asking for the job!

Think about it from the other side as well. Finding a person to fit a role is a pain – it takes valuable time and money, and people (especially those higher up in a company) have much better things to do. Nobody wants to sift through hundreds of resumes. Statistics show that the average corporate job opening can yield up to 200 applicants! If you send a quick, yet thoughtful e-mail to the hiring manager with your customized resume and cover letter that catches his or her eye and tells him/her exactly why you would address the needs he is looking to fill, then it is a simple matter of him/her just letting the recruiter know to interview you.

If done with grace, a quick message saying something like, “Hi, Mary. I see we’re first degree connections. I just sent my resume over for the X position with your firm. I hope my skill set is worthy of being shortlisted and wanted to thank you in advance for considering my candidacy. My LinkedIn profile will also give some additional insight. Thanks and have a great day. Best, John

Of course, make this message your own.

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