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Three job offers in less than two months…

I worked with Michele after a year of unsuccessful job search, 950+ applications, and 57 dead-end interviews. Michele has a very powerful skill set of empathy, expertise, and leadership which guided me to land three job offers in less than 2 months – and even though she gave me all the credit I could not have thought of a more perfect career coach, she is equally capable of breakthrough coaching, market research or continuous training. I highly recommend Michele as a coach because of her method, guidance, and results; and as a person because of her high ethics.

Nick (Dominique) Lacroix

Supply Chain Director

More interviews + two job offers…

Although I consider myself a real ” go-getter,” Michele’s consultation and positive coaching were a huge help in dusting off my job networking and interviewing skills. I believe many tips that she shared on how to market my professional experience using LinkedIn were beneficial in landing me 12 interviews in a two-month span, two of which became job offers. This was after applying for approximately 90 highly competitive positions related to my field of study and experience and during a slow holiday hiring period.

Theresa Rene Robinson

Training & Development | Technical Writing | Support | Professional Services | Project Management

She understood my background, ambition, and career goals…

I have had the privilege of working directly with Michele as my career coach. I was motivated for a change and unclear how to get to a job that I could not only feel valued at, but also cared about and enjoyed! She understood my background, my ambition, and my career goals and showed me a path I can take to make them attainable. Michele has provided me with everything I needed in order to obtain a career that matches my long-term goals. Through conversations, worksheets, and templates, I was able to discern a lot more about myself than I realized and how I can be successful in a field I am passionate about. I feel like I have a better understanding of who I am and what matters to me. My work with Michele is something I can take with and continue to reference on my career path as I move forward on my journey.

Joshua David Esqueda

Education| Leadership | Innovation

Confidence, knowledge, and skills…

Michele is a thoughtful, engaged and masterful coach. She is a great cheerleader, analyst, and strategist. She helped me understand my strengths, focus on areas of interest, and led me through an exploration process that was both eye-opening and strategic. She provided tremendous value and working with her gave me the confidence, knowledge, and skills to pursue new consulting and career opportunities. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Cheryl Little

Sustainability Analyst | Writer | Strategist

Clarity and a specific action plan…

When Michele and I started working together, I was at a point of transition and needing to set a new direction. I wanted to be clear and decisive about it. She supported me in going deeper in assessing the options both from a practical business perspective as well as from a spiritual perspective.

Initially, I went into the coaching thinking about a set of pros and cons with each option that were pretty broad-ranging and made it hard to think through it. Probably the single most prominent change is that Michele asked me in many ways the question, “What do I want?” I find myself asking that question about things that might seem immaterial to really big things. Michele provided the opening to the freedom to ask the question and the realization that it is very relevant.

I now have the clarity regarding what is next for me and a specific action plan to get there.

Anne Doss

Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank

I forged my own path…

It has been nearly a year since I made the decision — with your help — to forge my own path as a branding consultant, and although I am still very much in startup mode, I am pleased with the road I chose and have you to thank for helping me approach the decision the right way.

I sure hope your business is thriving and that you’re still enjoying what you’re doing! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I went through the process.

Todd Badgley

Owner , Dry Fly Identity & Insights

I am happy with the progress I’ve made …

Hope all is well! I wanted to give you a short update on my career. I recently successfully completed the Event & Wedding Planning online course and am now certified as an event & wedding planner! I’ve also enrolled in an Event Design course and will start that soon.

I am happy with the progress I’ve made and am starting to see the light at the end of the accounting tunnel! I often think back to all of our conversations and the exercises you had me do to figure out why accounting wasn’t doing it for me and what it was I was looking for in a career. Those exercises we SO HELPFUL. I recently started a blog with my two sisters (, and am working on two posts about my process… one is about my career change journey as a whole, and the other is about books I read that helped get me out of my funk. I would love to reference you in those posts (using your name and title/credentials and sharing a link to your LinkedIn profile).

As I start writing my journey down on digital paper, there is no way I can fully explain how I took those scary first steps without mentioning the impact you and your process had on me. Thank you again for everything!

Olivia Harris

Accountant soon to be Event Planner

Very professional from start to finish …

Michele was very professional from start to finish of a very emotional and stressful process. I felt comfortable talking about any issue that has an effect on the psychological aspect of having to start over. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Michele and her staff to anyone needing their services.

Dana Lewis

Power Generation Recruiter

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Better equipped to take on challenges…

After 18 months, I’m happy to say Michele is still a genuine asset as my coach. She follows through in a way I appreciate. She asks “How can I support you,” and she delivers. Michele wears many hats. She is a sounding board for my thoughts. She’s resourceful. Michele does research and uncovers what I’ve asked for and even what I did not know I needed. She exemplifies a work-life balance. Even when I was 3 time zones away living in California, that did not interrupt our connection. Thanks, Michele, for being a valued addition to my life. I definitely feel better equipped to take on each challenge and adapt more effectively to today’s job search requirements and utilize the most current tools and social media tactics.

Warren Durham

Director of Development and Construction

Practical in helping me do strategic planning…

Before working with Michele I had the vision of what I wanted to do and now I see it is really possible. She believed in me before I believed in myself. I could share anything without judgment.

I have a lot of visions… big visions and Michele dreamed big with me and didn’t try to tell me to get realistic. She believed with me and a lot of people, in general, don’t do that. Typically, the first thing people tell you is you can’t do it. Instead, she helped me to look for ways I could.

Michele can hold a big vision yet at the same time be practical in helping me do strategic planning to get there.

She had an unlimited amount of patience and understanding during the worst time of my life. Michele was there to listen and allowed me to be who I am and needed to be during the grieving process without feeling rushed. I never felt I needed to hide how I was really feeling. She helped me stay on track during the biggest transition in my life. Allowing me to be who I am to process during my grieving has been really important. Her comfort level with my emotions made me able to express them and feel them.

Stephanie McDilda

Founder of Flashpoint International and Chief Operations Officer of Roving Coach International

Helps you facilitate your journey…

Michele helped me narrow in on what I really wanted. She stood with me, compassionately, holding a space for me to come up with ideas for myself. I cannot recommend her enough! She is one of those rare, nonjudgmental people, open to being with you where you at and helping you facilitate your journey along its path.

Joy Dupois

Entrepreneur and Owner of RawRah – Almost Completely Raw

A sounding board for life decisions…

As a Life Coach, Michele provided a “tipping point” in my life. Instead of becoming stuck in a perpetual cycle of anxiety-driven fear of not being able to support myself as a single mother, Michele had me see what an opportunity I had in front of me. Her subtle, compassionate nature and ability to listen without filling the air with empty conversation really had an impact on me. I highly recommend Michele for anyone who needs to reset their expectations, get a little guidance in what direction to take and/or for folks who just need a sounding board for any life decisions we all struggle with from time to time

Christina Woollen

Chief Operating Officer , OneLittleBox

Leadership role and interviews…

I appreciated Michele’s support of my efforts to be able to take my skills and experience to the next level. It was really very helpful and I learned a lot from her. I am confident that I am positioned well for a leadership role with more responsibilities and I am already getting interviews.  Thank you for your willingness to do this!

Mohammed AlRuwaili

IT Management | IT Leadership | IT Manager | Systems | Data Centers | Storage | ITSM | ATM | Strategy | Highly Available Systems

Invaluable tools for the present and future…

I was fortunate to work with Michele as one of her executive coaching clients. She is very passionate about her profession and strives to provide the best advice possible. Michele is very easy to work with and provided useful tools that are invaluable in the present and future. She gets my full recommendation and her coaching sessions were always enjoyable.

Adam Smith

Construction Project Management | Real Estate Development | Budgeting | Scheduling | Cost Estimating

I am more in touch with who I am…

Because of Mrs. Michele Brant, I am doing well for myself. I have even gotten a job and internship because of the great coaching she has given me.  Many opportunities have opened themselves up to me and I am so thankful for them. It has made me happy and full of life and splendor. Unfortunately, I have encountered certain aspects that have made it a little challenging for me, as it has not been a walk in the park, and for that, I am kind of grateful because it has made me that much stronger. I am more in touch with who I am as a woman, as a Black woman in America… I have you to thank for so much. I am so thankful for the parts you have had in my life and I could never repay you for that. You have allowed me to get certain things in line for my life and I have made so much progress because of you and what you do. Thank you.

Ashleigh Montford

Miss Black Savannah US Ambassador 2017 - 2018

I redefined my goals, refocused my efforts, and prioritized my approach…

Before working with Michele I was struggling with which direction to take my career. I needed expert advice navigating this challenging job environment and deciding whether to pursue full-time role versus my consultancy. Thanks to Michele, I was better equipped to redefine my goals, refocus my efforts, and prioritize my approach.

I highly recommend working with Michele if you are challenged by this job environment, exploring changing roles, or defining your core competencies and better actualizing what you love to do and your greatest assets.

What I like most about Michele’s approach was how motivating and inspired she is. She reads people exceptionally well, provides good exercises and seems to know how to guide conversations so you discover your hidden strengths and motivators. What’s more, she also provides tangible exercises and real-world examples, timely recommendations, and a realistic plan to help you move your search forward effectively.

Dawn Panzeca

Creative Marketing Professional

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Helps me get right to the heart of my challenges and find effective ways to move forward…

Michele Brant is an excellent executive coach who has helped me grow to become a more capable and confident General Manager. Her ability to listen intently and ask tough questions always helps me get right to the heart of my challenges and find effective ways to move forward. Michele‘s supportive and encouraging nature is a blessing and I look forward to each session. Also, she provides me with an immense amount of tools that bring even more value to her services!

Rita York Henneke

General Manager, The Merc Co+op

I highly recommend Michele…

Michele was spot on with the customized Leadership Wellness curriculum she developed and facilitated for our team. It went beyond a typical presentation because it included an action plan that will be followed up on. I highly recommend Michele for her ability to understand the needs and provide an optimal solution.

Maria Leggett

Talent Management Executive

Great audience connection and unforgettable speaker…

I have been in your seminars and you really are an unforgettable speaker. You connect so well with your audience that made me feel that I am the only one in the audience.

Emilio Rodriguez

Bilingual Credit Analyst and Professional Spanish Interpreter

Willingness to go the extra mile…

Your ability to listen and understand while applying proven coaching tools and techniques has allowed our organization to successfully advance the relational leadership skills of the clients you have worked with us to develop.

You have strong relational and organizational skills that are complemented by your willingness to go the extra mile for the clients, even if it meant that you would need to spend hours; researching databases, etc. to obtain the critical information needed to help the client understand or better utilize the approach or methodology required to successfully achieve the leadership goals established by the client.

Richard C Blumhagen

President, Sextant BNS, Inc dba Institute for Leadership Development

Thoughtful guidance and counsel…

I recently worked with Michele during my last year of business school at Queens University. Michele brings an enormous amount of expertise to the areas of executive coaching, career planning, and personal management. I found our time together to be incredibly insightful. She encourages active participation from clients while providing thoughtful guidance and counsel. Her broad industry knowledge and expertise lend itself to a variety of fields. I would highly recommend Michele to anyone interested in furthering their career development and management. I look forward to consulting with her again in the future.

Molly McMillin

Group Financial Officer, Wells Fargo Investment Institute at Wells Fargo

True strength in working with people in diverse situations…

I have had the pleasure of being a colleague of Michele’s for about 4 years working with her in two separate companies. As I write this recommendation, I realize Michele’s true strengths lie in working with people in diverse situations. While she and I completed a short-term consulting position at the Goodwill Industries, I noticed how invested she was in each client and how she served them showing great care. Michele offered extensive knowledge, and always displayed the utmost respect for all populations. Michele is creative, focused and she has a keen ability to connect. As I have gotten to know Michele, it is clear that she is not only passionate about her work but, in addition, she goes above and beyond to support her clients in moving forward.

She also provided LinkedIn training to her team encouraging them to develop their personal profiles in a professional, effective way. It was obvious that Michele connected with her teammates and gained great respect for the true professional that she is in every situation. I truly enjoyed the opportunities we shared and look forward to our continued work in the future.

Beverly Lewinski

Board Certified Coach Leadership | Career & Wellness Coaching | PeopleMap Assessment/Strengths Trainer

I would recommend Michele as an executive coach to anyone!

I had the pleasure of working with Michele earlier this year through a program at Queens University of Charlotte. Michele has a calm and thoughtful demeanor and she did a great job of helping me achieve goals that we laid out in our first session together. I would recommend Michele as an executive coach to anyone.

Samuel Hershey

Xistance: Define Yours

Tools. space, support, and accountability…

I recently had the good fortune of being coached by Michele.  It was my first formal coaching experience and I couldn’t be more pleased with how this went. Michele quickly understood my goals and my challenges in achieving them and provided me with the tools, the space, the support, and the accountability in reaching them my way. She was deeply available to me and invested in my success. A terrific experience!

Kim Curley

Director, FSI Practice Lead - People, Process and PMO, NTT DATA Services

Advancing careers and whole life balance…

Michele is a first-rate career and life coach. Her work for The Frontier Group has been consistently excellent. She provides a holistic approach that has helped her clients not only advance their careers but also bring their whole life into balance. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of life/career coaching to work with Michele.

Patrick Lynch

President | Outplacement | Executive Coaching | Executive Search| Career Transition, The Frontier Group

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Whether you needed a job yesterday or you’re ready to change your career path completely, I’d love to help you.

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