Wow! What a year 2020 has been so far. It has definitely tested my resilience and ability to adapt to our ever-changing world.

Although there have been MANY devastating events, there have been joyful happenings as well. I have had several clients interviewing and getting not just one but multiple offers. A client that I hadn’t talked to in a while landed her dream role and we are working on setting her up for success. Another client has decided to give it all he has to build his business instead of pursuing a Corporate job since that is what he really wants to be doing. In addition, I am working with clients that have decided once and for all not to stay in a job/career path that is not a good fit for them.

For me, I have had the opportunity to get clear on how I want to be able to add value in the career space. It has been my vision for some time to be able to provide valuable content to my subscribers. As I looked at how to do that, I realized there is some amazing content already out there but, it can be overwhelming at the same time. So, this is to introduce my weekly round-up email where I will be sharing curated articles just for you that I know are providing the best of the best in the areas of Job Search, Career Transition/Exploration, Career Advancement/Leadership Development and Work-Life Balance/ Mindfulness.

I will be including a tip each week and eventually will resurrect my podcast. I will also be sharing what is coming up for my clients as I am meeting with them in case it is helpful to you.

I would love your feedback because this really is for you. If you have requests of what you would like to see or want to ask me any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Have a great week. I will be sending positive energy your way.

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