When looking at a job description, are you selling yourself short? I have had several clients discouraged that there were no roles that they thought they were qualified for. In talking to them further, I discovered they were quickly eliminating themselves when reviewing a job description. I recommend considering the following to confidentially open yourself up to the potential of more opportunities:

  • DON’T go straight to the qualifications. Keep in mind that the most important items are probably listed toward the top. If you fit the first four experience requirements but miss on the bottom ones, that’s still a cause for celebration.
  • Remember, with many job postings it will be impossible for any single person to match perfectly. Read with an eye toward what’s essential for applicants (“must be comfortable using Excel”) and what’s a nice-to-have, or a softer skill (“detail-oriented and organized”).
  • Be on the lookout for repetition. Does the job post reference “self-starters” under qualifications, and then mention a project that applicants will “independently develop” in the responsibilities section? That’s a tip-off that applicants should be comfortable working without supervision and in a leadership role.

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