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Transitioning from a 20-year corporate career to starting a business was a challenging endeavor. In saying that, though, I consider it one of my greatest achievements and would do it all over again. Apparently, I am not alone. According to a recent survey facilitated by Constant Contact, 84 percent of small business owners would do the same.

Here are 10 categories to consider that are essential for sustainable results:

  • Attitude
  • Goals
  • Product Mastery
  • Business Growth
  • Admin Basics
  • Finance
  • Sustaining Action
  • Stress and Overwhelm
  • Resources and Support
  • Time and Task Management

If you had to rate yourself in each of these areas where 1 is “I have no idea where I would even start or I have a long way to go to get where I think I need to be” and 5 is “I think I have this down perfectly” where you land?

If most of your scores are low it may be worth reaching out to the right resources to see how you can improve in the respective areas. If most of your scores are high, you are in good shape to move forward!

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ score or a ‘fail.’ Your scores represent the reality of your situation, beliefs, and circumstances right now. They DO NOT represent your potential! Developing your success strategy is key! Getting a reality check about where you are, gives you an idea of the resources, tools and insight to help you build the life and business you want!

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